Artist Quote – Andy Warhol



This is another quote from pop artist Andy Warhol.

Sometimes, I feel, we all get stuck in a rut of self-consciousness. We worry what others will say. We have a fear of rejection. I really love this quote because it gives you liberty to just create whatever you want and not think about what others are going to say. When you adhere to this idea, you can really open the doors to creativity. In order to do your best work, you really have to just create without boundaries. Don’t worry what others think, because whether they love it or hate it, you’ll still be the one who is creating, and that feels really good.

Have you ever felt the crippling effects of other’s criticisms? Have you ever felt unable to create for the fear of judgement? Or, do you agree with Warhol in that you should just create freely while others look on?


4 thoughts on “Artist Quote – Andy Warhol

  1. Well said! While I am afraid of rejection, I don’t think you can get better without criticism. It’s also important if you plan on selling your art; then you have to keep your consumer in mind. But if you are making art for yourself, I say make whatever you want, but do not limit yourself. I think it’s important for an artist to push herself, challenge herself, and grow to become better at what she does.

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