Artist Quote – Vincent van Gogh


This week’s artist quote comes from the Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. In this quote, Van Gogh points out that each drawing, each painting, each and every artistic step you take is one toward growth and improvement. This is a great reminder when you have a really challenging, or just downright bad, piece you’re working on and you feel like throwing it away.

Just remember, every drawing, good or bad, is a lesson in how to be better. So, take that balled-up piece of paper you just threw in the trash can and look at it, not for proof of your incompetence, but for inspiration.  It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, as long as you keep plugging away you will by definition be getting better.

I would love to know your thoughts on this quote. Does practice make perfect? Have you ever felt frustrated by a piece that just “isn’t going right?” Is every piece a learning experience? I think so. So, keep up the good work!


8 thoughts on “Artist Quote – Vincent van Gogh

  1. I throw stuff away all the time. I’m not one to drive myself crazy working on something I don’t like. I just grab a clean sheet of watercolor paper and start over. I don’t like to frustrate myself and you can’t rework watercolor. Sometimes I just change my mind in the middle of something and toss it. Seriously, I live my life the same way. If I don’t like it…I go to some place I like better. So I always like what I’m doing because I don’t do anything I don’t want to do:) Works for me. I learn a lot by throwing things away. I know what not to do and what I don’t like. I don’t believe in doing something that isn’t fun because that’s what art is all about to me. Fun. If it ever stops being fun then I will stop doing it.

  2. Practice does not always make perfect. If you make the same mistakes over and over without making progress you can get into a rut. You must learn from your mistakes and move forward. Repeat and expand upon the good things.

  3. I’d quote Mr Tee…
    I feel that when i’m looking for a path in achieving something, i must repeat much of all the process again to memorize it and change a little bit at a time to recognize the differences and consolidate what i think is the right way to do it.

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