Artist Quote – Michelangelo


This week’s artist quote is from Italian artist Michelangelo.

This is a very interesting quote; I’m sure many of you would agree. Not that I’m anywhere near a master or near Michelangelo’s talent, but I can relate to what he is saying. I can’t help but sometimes feel like a fraud when someone comments on my work.

When someone compliments a drawing I’ve done I can’t help but think, “they have no clue how many horrible drawings I’ve thrown in the garbage over the years.” Or how many hours it took me to figure out how to draw a convincing eye. If someone says I’m talented I think, “that’s awfully nice, but they may not think that if they knew that took ten hours to draw.” I feel like saying, “it’s not talent as much as hard work. Anyone can do this if they put the effort in.”

Art isn’t always easy. If it is for you then that is wonderful. Sometimes art can be freeflowing and fun, but I know that with any form of art, from painting, to music, to dancing, the artist only got where they are from hours upon hours of gruelling practice in some capacity. You have to really put in the time to get where you want to go. And so, there is always that sneaking feeling that when someone says I’m talented I have to think, “if I’m talented it’s not at art, it’s at working hard and not giving up.”

How do you feel about this quote? Do you feel like your abilities are natural or that they took years to cultivate? Do you think anyone could become a “talented” artist with the right amount of practice?


7 thoughts on “Artist Quote – Michelangelo

  1. Great post and great question. I’ll take a stab at it:
    I feel like talent and willingness to sacrifice for that which you believe you need to express go hand-in-hand.
    What ties together all the mediums I work in together is first, my love of them, then that willingness to sacrifice, to follow where they lead.
    Like many, Michelangelo for me was a master at what he created. Hard work? Yes. Dedication? Yes. Sacrifice? You bet! Talent and a way of expressing which set him and you by the way, apart from every other soul that will ever create? … Absolutely

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