Artist Quote – Paul Strand

This week’s artist quote comes from American modernist photographer Paul Strand.

I feel this quote is so true. Once someone learns to see the art in things, they can find it anywhere. You don’t have to travel far and wide to find something inspiring and beautiful. You can take a photo of a normal person on the street, paint a still life of some objects in your kitchen, or travel to a distant land to find what moves you. That’s the really great thing about art: it is all around you and whatever you decide is “worthy” of being art suddenly becomes art.

What do you think of this quote? Have you found ordinary things in your life to be inspiring? Do you believe that art is all around you, or do you feel the need to seek it out?




4 thoughts on “Artist Quote – Paul Strand

  1. I LOVE this quote and I agree with it completely. Beauty and art is EVERYWHERE. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with what’s going on around me because I’m looking at things and trying to remember them or write stories or poems in my head right at that moment. Yes, yes, EVERYWHERE.

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