Colored Pencils – About the Medium


I wanted to talk a little bit today about the medium of colored pencil. This is one of my very favorite mediums to work in. I love that it offers the precision you expect from a pencil, but with the added benefit of having a wide range of colors to choose from.

There are many good brands out there. My favorite is Prismacolor colored pencils. They have a nice, smooth feeling when you use them, as opposed to the scratchy feeling you may remember from those colored pencils you used in grade school.

What is really nice about colored pencils is that they can be used on colored paper, even black paper. If you’ve ever tried to get graphite pencils to show up on dark paper, you know that it doesn’t turn out too well. But colored pencils offer you a whole new range of possibilities for showcasing the subject of your art using different colored papers as the backdrop. Drawing something colorful on dark paper can be very bold and striking.

I would love to hear your comments on colored pencils. Is this a medium you use or have used? What are your feelings on colored pencils?


4 thoughts on “Colored Pencils – About the Medium

  1. i used to use acrylics but changed to watercolor pencils. I just love them. I never actually tried to use them as just pencils. I always do watercolors. But I rarely use paint anymore. One of the big reasons I switched is because I can use pencils ANYWHERE. I use a brush that holds it’s own water supply so I have painted on airplanes, while eating breakfast, LOL, just about everywhere.

  2. One of the best aspects of using pencils is definitely the portability. I love that you’ve painted on airplanes, what a great anecdote. I’ve definitely created while on road trips in a cramped car, and you can’t easily do that with paint!

  3. Colored pencils are my passion. I agree with you about Prismacolor. You cannot use Walmart colored pencils for blending and color overlays in the way that comes so easily to Prismacolor. I like to think drawing with colored pencil is very much like oil painting because of the possibilities blending gives to the artist with the right colored pencil.

    1. I totally agree. I never realized how great colored pencils could be until I tried one of the better quality pencils. The right tools help so much!

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