Artist Quote – Jackson Pollock


This week’s artist quote is from the abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock. Here he says that every artist paints what they are. If that is so, then Jackson must have been an amorphous blob of paint dripped on a canvas. Although, if you’ve heard about his personality, it sounds like this might not be far off.  You can see some of his struggles and supposed volatility in the intensity of his work

I think this is a very true quote. It only makes sense that something you create with your hands, as an outlet, will be like a mirror to what’s in your head. In a way, you cannot create anything without it having been a part of you before. No one else can create your special brand of art.

This highlights the importance of painting for you, not for anyone else. When you paint with other people’s opinions in mind, the work suffers, but when you paint what you feel and what excites you, that’s when your work shines, and I believe that is because you are letting out your true inner workings and really painting “what you are.”

What do you think? Do you believe an artist paints what they are? Do you feel like your work suffers if you’re not creating from within yourself? I’d love to hear.


13 thoughts on “Artist Quote – Jackson Pollock

  1. Wow, Sara, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog, especially because it gave me the chance to visit your lovely site! I love this question about creating art. I don’t know how to explain it but if I can’t get in touch with a certain “flow” inside of me then whatever comes out feels trite and not quite authentic. I am a writer and a creative and sometimes I do have to just write and write to push through to the place within where my truth can come spilling out. Then I know it’s art. That might not make sense?! But I love your question and your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments. I also really like your blog. You have some great writing on there and also the pictures are fantastic. What you said totally makes sense. Sometimes you don’t feel like creating but if you can just force yourself to do it eventually some button gets pushed and all of sudden the real deal starts flowing out. I know exactly what you mean.

  2. Hi Sara, love Jackson Pollock and love this quote.
    As a writer, I’d say his statement crosses over to that form of art, too.
    Thanks for stopping by The Ripest Pics where I post my photography.
    And thanks for following.
    If interested, check out my blog which is mostly about writing.
    Love your site, have started to follow ~

  3. I know that my best paintings come from something that is wanting to be expressed within me and I often don’t know what it is until I am through with it. Thanks for stopping by dkatiepowellart because I am now following YOU!

    1. I’m glad to hear your take on this quote. I know what you mean when you say something within you wants to be expressed. Thank you so much for following!

  4. I think that is absolutely true. It isn’t just painting, but all artistic endeavors are nothing without the soul of the artist invested.

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