Beginning of New Drawing


Here is the beginning of a new colored pencil drawing I’m working on. This one took a long time but was very fun. I am very nearly finished.

The quality of the photos is not the best, but I will update with better photos of the finished product.

This is a drawing of a spider chrysanthemum done with Prismacolor colored pencils on Canson Mi-Teintes black paper. I had a lot of fun doing this drawing because it’s the first time for me working with colored pencils on a colored paper. I was really excited about the resulting contrast of the bright, light colors and the dark background.


There are some differences when working on dark paper. For one, you have to transfer or sketch with a light color instead of graphite. I did so by making my own transfer paper with a white colored pencil. I did this simply by coloring on a piece of paper with the white pencil, then turning it over and tracing the sketch like you would a traditional transfer paper.
Another difference with colored paper is you have to really be conscious of the colors you use and the coverage you get with the colors or you might see a lot of the paper coming through. The up-close shot below shows this pretty well. I had to go back and fill in those spots afterward.


I will go into more detail on my process for this drawing in my next post. Thanks for taking a look!

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Prismacolor or Canson, although I wish I were! They make great products!



And here is the finished product: Photography Prints


4 thoughts on “Beginning of New Drawing

  1. Thanks for sharing, and you just gave me an idea, I like working with pastel on Canson mi-teinte paper, I also use conté, but I never though about my colored pencil, I use them sometimes for watercolor, maybe I give it a try! Beautiful start by the way…:)

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