Artist Quote – Pablo Picasso


     This week’s artist quote comes from cubist artist Pablo Picasso. The quote is, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
     This is such a hopeful quote and I feel it resonates in our modern world. You may go to your job, day-in, day-out, following the same pattern, nose to the proverbial grindstone, but what makes it all worthwhile? For so many of us, that thing that gives us hope, that gives our life meaning and excitement, that makes it all just a little more bearable, is art.
     The art doesn’t have to be painting. In fact, for many, it’s not. For many, their art, their respite is coming home and watching an incredible new television show, or getting entangled in the plot of a good book, or waiting for the opening night of their favorite musical. Some people participate in making the art and some people consume the art. And, to me, both players are equally important. Whether you’re the one creating the spellbinding new world in the newest video game or you are the one getting taken away by it, the art is there for you to shake the dust off your every day world and remind you that life is beautiful and life is fun and life is so many things other than the daily tedium.
     During the most difficult times, art has been there to remind people that even though your daily grind might be almost unbearable, there is still something to look forward to. There is a reason why you are fighting, why you get up every day and go to work, in whatever capacity that means to you. That reason is your little world that you’ve created outside of the day-to-day. The reason is that humanity is there, striving to create new and incredible things all the time, exciting and beautiful things. No matter what your day brings, art is still there to reinvigorate your life. There are scuptures to see, wine to drink, food to eat, music to listen to, and it all helps soothe your tired soul.
     What do you think of this quote? Does art help you shake off the dust of daily life? How does art play into your day?


18 thoughts on “Artist Quote – Pablo Picasso

  1. I think the one thing that needs to be added, at least for me, is that art helps me define for myself who I am. The choice of book to read, the selection of the picture from everything around us before we click the camera, or the colors we use in that painting on canvas all tell us a little bit more about who we really are. Thank you for giving me such complicated things to think about. You’ve helped me become a little more like “me”.

  2. I completely agree with Picasso! =)
    It doesn’t really matter what kind of art because all kind of creativity makes every day a better day =)

      1. I am glad. Just click on the link given. Read the rules. make you blog post showcasing your award. Everything is vividly given in the link. In case of confusion, do let me know. Your blog is already in the nominee list. Stay motivated!.

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