Colored Pencil Drawing – Orange Cat, Milo


Here is the start of my newest drawing, Milo. This cute tiger kitty belongs to my lovely sister and her family. This is another drawing I did for my niece, her daughter.
I started out, once again, with a very basic sketch, just to get proportions and facial features correct.

colored pencil cat 2

First, I began by laying down the base colors in the fur, nose, and eyes. Putting these colors in in the beginning will bring depth to the fur later, when you add the final layers.

colored pencil cat 3

Here is a close-up version so you can see more detail. I layered various orange, yellows, and creams to build up the striped pattern in his fur.

And here is the finished product:

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4 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Drawing – Orange Cat, Milo

  1. Love it – love seeing the layers come together. And so pleasing to look at visuals! BTW am nominating you for the Liebster Award – see my blog for more soon. May or may not be your thing so you choose! Cheers, Charlotte

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