Colored Pencil Drawing – Orange Cat, Milo

Hello again. This is the second update on the drawing of Milo, my sister’s tiger cat.


Here I used dark umber to create the blanket above Milo. I made sure to follow the contours of the blanket, the direction that the fabric is in, which gives the suggestion of 3 dimensions. I also started to mark in the shadows and highlights in the blanket.


I also continued laying down the base of the fur with creams, yellows, and oranges, over the rest of the body. I added color to the ears, and emphasized the stripes in his fur. Remember, throughout this process, three things are very important to realism in colored pencil: layering color gives depth, direction of the pencil strokes, and highlights and shadows. If you can do these three things, your drawing will definitely benefit from it.

Thank you for stopping by!

And here is the finished product:

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7 thoughts on “Colored Pencil Drawing – Orange Cat, Milo

  1. Beautifully done. I am a colored-pencil artist too, and can appreciate the time, care, and talent you put into this drawing just to get the fur pattern so realistic. I’m a little bit color-blind and often use the wrong colors for the right reasons, but with this muted-color composition, I can really see the basic realistic drawing talent you possess.

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