Colored Pencil Drawing – Orange Cat, Milo

Hello again. This is the final update on the drawing of my sister’s cat, Miloimage

At this point, I have added a lot more color to the blanket above, keeping in mind those contours, highlights and shadows, which make the blanket appear to come forward and recede.


I then focused more attention on the cat’s features, adding small details like pink in the ears and nose, shadows on the cat’s arms, fine tuning the shape of the face, etc.


And finally, I continued fine tuning and adding layers of color. I tried to pick up as much detail as possible in the face such as little highlights around the eyes, shadows between the fur in the ears, adding contrast in the stripes in his fur. I also shaded the bottom, white blanket with various strengths of french grey, again, following the contours and shadows, to show the wrinkles and folds in the fabric.

Thank you for stopping by!

And here is the finished product:

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