New Colored Pencil Drawing – Black Cat – Starting the Eyes

Here is the continuation of my newest drawing. This is a colored pencil drawing of my black cat, Heisenberg; he’s the best. This was done with Prismacolor colored pencils on black Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

The first thing I did, after drawing in the sketch, was to start on the eyes. I used a yellow color, Prismacolor creme, to begin the base color of the eyes. With colored pencils, generally, the more light, subtle layers you can add, the more depth you will get in your drawing, and the more realistic it will look. cat

So, with that in mind, I next began to add layers of moss green, grass green, and light umber to the eyes. I noted where the streaks of color were in my reference photo and tried to recreate that in the iris. When you render an eye, you will want to use strokes that radiate from the pupil in a “wagon wheel” fashion. This will give the illusion of the true streaks in the iris.

Note that I left white spots in the pupil. This will be the highlight in the pupil, which will help give the eye a 3d look. This is a really essential part of the entire portait and what gives “life” to the finished piece.


I began the eyelids and tear duct area using dark umber. Note the tiny highlights of white around the eyelid, which give it a three-dimensional and “wet” look. The white sclera of the eye was drawn in with white as well as blue to give that blue tinge you see in a real eye.


Lastly, I continued to render the different browns and greens in the iris, while adding shadows to the corners of the eye. You want to think of the eye as any other spherical object. It has contours and shading that go along with a sphere, so you will want to, very subtly, add some shadows to the edges of the eye, to hint at a 3D shape. Also, the eyeball is covered with an eyelid, so, the eyelid will cause a shadow to fall over the eye. You’ll want to add the slightest bit if shading around the eyelids to show the shadow the eyelid casts.


I really hope you are all enjoying this tutorial. Please let me know if you have any questions at all about the process. Up next will be the fur!

And here is the finished product:

Art Prints


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