New Colored Pencil Drawing – Black Cat – Drawing Fur

The next step in this drawing was to add the fur. I made a choice to use black paper to draw a black cat. That can pose some interesting problems. Because the fur and paper are the same color, you cannot really draw black on black and expect to see anything, so you’re going to be focusing on using the highlights, the white areas that reflect light. Also, you will want to focus on the different shades within the black because the fur isn’t actually truly black, it is more different ranges of browns and greys.

fur     First, I added 50% grey around the areas of highlight. This will help to create a three-dimensional illusion because dark colors recede into the background and light colors pop out at you.

fur2     Next, I continued to add more grey, following the contours of the face, and around the eye.


Here, I started to define the nose, the mouth, and the whiskers. Also, I added dark umber to the darker areas of the face to add some depth and realism. Fur isn’t one or two flat colors, it is a combination of many shades, so the more colors you can add, the more realistic the look will be.

I hope you are all enjoying this tutorial and please let me know if you have any questions on the process. Do you enjoy drawing fur? What are some hurdles you face trying to render fur?

And here is the finished product:

Art Prints


7 thoughts on “New Colored Pencil Drawing – Black Cat – Drawing Fur

  1. Oh, wow. We lost our black cat in May of ’14, and this one looks so much like him, it’s almost chilling. It’s like Prancer’s right in front of me again. Thank you for sharing it. What lovely work.

    1. You’re so welcome. We also lost a black cat, Yeti, in May 2013. This is our new cat, Heisenberg. I’m so glad you liked the drawing. That means a lot.

  2. This is excellent, Sara! You really did a beautiful job getting those highlights to stand out against the black paper. The crop makes this so dramatic! A wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing your process and the finished drawing. 🙂

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