New Colored Pencil Drawing – Black Cat – Finishing Touches


Today, I’m going to show you how I finished up this drawing. First, I added details to the nose and whiskers. If you look very closely at a cat, their nose has tiny little circles on it. The more little details like this you can add, the more realistic the finished product will be.


Here, I added a lot more of the white highlights in the fur, especially on the muzzle.


Now, I went through and added more of low lights and mid tones to the fur to add more depth. Here I added dark umber, grey, and a little black. I also continued working on the nose, paying close attention to she shading of the little circles, and the nostril areas.

h4     Finally, I went through everything and finished up the highlights, low lights, and mid tones. I made sure the whiskers popped, every little shine on the eye, eyelid, and nose was present, and I added a lot to the ear, including the folds and the fur that drapes over it.

I really hoped everyone enjoyed this tutorial. Do you enjoy drawing portraits of animals? What tips do you have on rendering animals? I would love to hear below.

And here is the finished product:

Art Prints


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